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Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Preview – Preface

We have our first preview for the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide unlocked via Extra Life Donations! Check out the preface to learn more about the “history, lands, and peoples of Faerûn, of the great city-states of the Sword Coast and the North, of the world’s gods, and of the factions and forces that support and threaten civilization”.



  • Chapter 1 – Overview of the Sword Coast and nearby lands, its history, the role of magic, and its religions.
  • Chapter 2 – Cities and other locations of the Sword Coast
  • Chapter 3 – History and some game material for various races and subraces
  • Chapter 4 – Fitting Character Options from PHB into FR and new character class options specific to the Forgotten Realms such as Rogue – Mastermind.
  • Chapter 5 – Backgrounds for PCs

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