Okay, I’m late to the party, but at least the party isn’t over yet. With only 2 days left I almost missed this one.

So after reviewing Savage Worlds I was lucky enough to stumble across this kickstarter:  The Last Parsec. It’s a scifi setting for Savage Worlds roleplaying game, and Pinnacle Entertainment was gracious enough to send me some media, and their information on the setting.

So you can Explore the vast blackness of space. Uncover ancient alien technology, and find epic Sci-Fi  adventure in The Last Parsec! Sounds exciting right?

At the time of this post, the Kickstarter for Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s The Last Parsec is more than 800% funded and there are 3 stretch goals remaining.  Even backers at the PDF-only level ($35) are getting more than $80 worth of digital rewards—the three books, a soundtrack, GM Screen inserts and The Enigma Equation adventure, 4 starship maps, archetype characters, Pranac Pursuit—an adventure by Star Wars designer Sterling Hershey, Figure flats (paper minis you can print and play) for the Explorers and Terrors of Deep Space, and a JumpCorp Requisition Kit with form-fillable ID cards, equipment request forms, incident reports, death certificates, and more.

The reward levels include shipping of physical goods as well as the PDFs delivered directly to backers and via DriveThruRPG and RPGNOW!

Look for short fiction (Pinnacle’s Wendigo Tales line) and FREE One-Sheet adventures here:



And check out the Kickstarter itself here: