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Jeremy Crawford Polygon Interview – Dungeon Master’s Guide Details and OGL Mention

Charlie Hall at Polygon interviewed Jeremy Crawford of Wizards of the Coast. Their conversation focused on the just released Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Jeremy Crawford provides details on:

  • Why they staggered the release of the Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG)
    • To ensure high quality with a small team they could stagger the release or “sit on the books until all three were finished.”
  • Focus of DMG being:
    • allow for a variety of different play options via optional rules
    • for DMs to “make the game their own” and empower Dungeon Master’s (DMs)
  • More open to content creators…
    • 5th edition rules being open so people can use them “to create content” and they even mention OGL (Open Gaming License)
    • “We’ll share more information when it’s ready. Several members of the design team — including me and Mike Mearls — worked on OGL products before coming to Wizards of the Coast”

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