D&D 5e

Unearthed Arcana – Feats for Races

The current flurry of articles comes to an end with Racial Feats. This week we get 4 pages of feats that all have racial prerequisites. I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to Brandes.

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We’re also asked for feedback on Feats for Skills from last week.


  • MTi

    Some of them are cute, some of them are broken. Generally, I’d call this an interesting idea that stems from previous editions.

    I’m waiting for Brandes’ Brakedown as well.

    • I’d agree with that synopsis, and add that I feel like they’re drawing on a wider net for themes than just D&D – Grudge-Bearer is all but a straight lift from Warhammer Fantasy, f’rex. Breakdown coming as soon as it’s done, whenever that may be – 23 feats take time. =)

    • MTi

      Grudge-Bearer is a Swalb feat. He is a sucker for WH Fantasy.

  • Cuix

    SUPER not a fan of Dragon Wings. Like, why are PCs getting inherent flight before tier 3 play? It’s such a nightmare for the DM designing encounters. Everyone else is going nuts over Dragon Fear, though. I think it’s fine to make their breath weapon an actually usable feature, honestly.

    Really want to play a Divination Specialist Halfling with Bountiful Luck, Lucky, and maybe a few Champion Fighter levels. Just to be enormously silly. Or Human with Human Determination, I guess. I do like how support options are so strong in feats, though, overall. Not sure how this compares to Inspiring Leader, for instance.

    Elven Accuracy and Fade Away might also be much too powerful, not sure. Love the two Half-Orc feats and basically all of the Tiefling stuff.

    Curious to see where we (dis)agree!

    • Tiefling wings (SCAG), Dragonborn wings (this) and Aarakocras (EEPC) are all terrible options for low level… in my opinion as a DM who doesn’t want to worry about the sky in low level encounters.