There are many creatures on earth that can be used in roleplaying games to give variety in encounters without being overly magical.

Today’s trio are Arthropods, cunning survivors and predators.

Strengths – Patient and silent. Arthropods are very strong, and will try to pin you down.
Weakness – Afraid of fire.
Senses – All Arthropods can sense vibrations so well they can basically see in the dark.
Endurance – Able to withstand extreme temperatures, Arthropods can be found in most climates regardless of humidity or temperature.
Thus you can have them in sewers, under sand dunes, way in the underground or high up in the hills.
Diet – Anything, preferably meat.
Sting – Most have some kind of bite or sting that effects the nervous system, huge amounts of pain followed by fever and shaking.


Signs they are in the area :
– Small creature ripped in half
– Pile of eggs in a tunnel
– Large creature with huge chest wound

Ways to use in an encounter :
– Emerges from sand or pebbles
– Scuttles out of cave nest clacking pincers
– Stinger strikes first from bushes

Useful Parts for Alchemists & Enchanters :
– Stinger and venom sac
– Pincers
– Thorax for armour

Creatures you could give Scorpion traits or appearance :
– Manticore
– Salamanders
– Zombie


Signs they are in the area :
– Many smaller centipedes nearby
– Two long trails (from many footprints)
– Limbs wedged into walls

Ways to use in an encounter :
– Burrows out of the ground near campsite
– Circles around tree and leap at character
– Slithers out of groundcover towards characters legs

Useful Parts for Alchemists & Enchanters :
– Body segment for flexibility
– Mouth for burrowing
– Legs for bio-machinery components

Creatures you could give Centipede traits or appearance :
– Shadows
– Bullette
– Goblins


Signs they are in the area :
– Eggs in corners
– Husk remains of creatures
– Webs on the ceiling then the walls

Ways to use in an encounter :
– Climbs down walls towards characters
– Characters walk into webs and spiders reel them in
– Drops from ceiling onto characters

Useful Parts for Alchemists & Enchanters :
– Legs for climbing
– All the eyes
– Legs hairs for vibration sensing

Creatures you could give Spider traits or appearance :
– Basilisk
– Dryad
– Rust Monster