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What is it that Lies Beyond the Immenseness of the Dark?

As dawn approaches darkness engulfs the beautiful sky, leaving only the void behind. That’s when it comes. The Horror makes its move, only this time we are ready. We know its story, its tale. Let’s hope we get to live long enough to see the sunrise.

What is This Game?

What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark? is a collaborative storytelling game for 2-6 players in which you get to create a new Horror inhabiting the area you are playing in the real world. Using cards and a coin, a new serial assassin, swarm of monsters, master manipulator, or eldritch creature, as well as its myth, or urban legend will come to life. The game is contained within a poker size deck of 25 cards, 3 of which are used for the rules, and 4 for beautiful inspiring images. This is a game designed solely by Global South’s Argentinian creator Tomas Gimenez Rioja.


  • Rules are so simple they fit in the size of a card.
  • The game is intended to be played in an eerie place, encouraging looking for these kinds of places to go to with your friends.
  • Only 5 steps to learn the rules, allowing you to learn as you play in less than a minute.
  • Extremely portable to play on the go, playable with just the deck and a coin (cellphone optional).
  • Playtime ranges from 30 mins to 1:30 hours, making it perfect to play at any time, even with casual players.
  • 14 cards with two questions each, 3 special cards that change the flow of the game, 3 rule cards, and an X card.
  • 4 extra cards with inspiring photos you can use, taken by Tomas Gimenez Rioja in Argentina.
  • Stretch goals include making the cards tarot sized, a soundtrack to have in the background as you play, adding metallic ink to cards, a custom metallic coin, and game expansions!

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Follow the project on Crowdfundr https://crowdfundr.com/c2BXrd?ref=ab_9BtOP2. To be started June 19, 2023

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You can find Tomas Gimenez Rioja on 

Itch Page: https://tomasgimenezr.itch.io/

What People Are Saying

The game’s atmosphere really clicked to me when I thought of it like bloody mary, conjuring the horror that will lead to your downfall. When starting the game, the Horror and the atmosphere is very broad, and for good reason — it gives a lot of room for the players to draw from their location and experiences. I think that’s a big selling point for the game — it’s flexible and lightweight. It adapts to a lot of scenarios. It’s quick to learn and play. It encourages people to get together, explore, and play. ~ Mya Shishido

From Tomas Gimenez Rioja

After losing my day job I decided to start doing game design full-time in the TTRPG space. On a walk to the coast to see the sunset while being out of ideas, dozens of game ideas sprang to mind, with the first one being What Is It That Lies Beyond The Immenseness of the Dark? As I took the picture on the cover to use as an image for Instagram with that caption. On the walk back, that phrase kept floating there in my mind until the whole concept of the game was born. I wanted an easy-to-play game that required you to go out and appreciate the beauty and eeriness of nature as I did on that walk. There aren’t enough games that force you to go outside and admire the view.