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Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 I have continued to work on combining the Star Frontiers D&D 5e Conversion articles during the winter break. Previously there was some criticism for the D&D ...
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Oriental Adventures – Food

Building a campaign world can be a lot of fun, but it also requires a lot of preparation and creativity. That preparation should start by deciding on a theme for your campaign world. I really like the Wǔxiá (武侠) ideas that ...
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Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 4

Recently I have been taking the Star Frontier blog posts and combining them and editing all the errors. While working on it I have put together one of the other player races, and here is a peek at what I have ...
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D&D 5e Combat – Initiative House Rule Option #1

I wrote an article about initiative, strategy and team play.  Recently after reading some more, and playing, I am ready to just throw Initiative out the window.  I am more in favor of what Robert Schwalb has going with in ...
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Top 10 Signs the Dungeon Master is Going to Dump ...

Being a player in a gaming group, there is always the risk that something will go wrong and it will end too soon for you. And not all are happy endings, and sometimes those ends come after plenty of warning ...
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Player’s Rolling for Defense against Monster Attacks

Some people like rolling dice, and some may say that is the best part of the game (I do like rolling dice, but I think the story is the best part of the game). During Combat the Dungeon Master will ...
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Stop Rolling All those Dice!

The most crucial aspect of role playing is the story, but we waste a lot of time with administration of the game.  And the most time consuming aspect of some role playing games is ROLL playing. I have been in ...
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Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon – Magic Items

My son and daughter are starting to watch the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series with me.  You know the awesome cartoon that came out in the early 80’s, and I have to say I actually
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Game Session Length

How long do your Role Playing Games usually take?  I realize that RPGs are an open ended game, but how much time do you reserve to play the game with a set start and ending time?
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D&D 5e Player’s Handbook – Another Defective One

I have been on the fence about my first player’s handbook, and if I should be sending it back to Wizards of the Coast. Or making it into a spiral bound book, Or