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Top 10 Signs the Dungeon Master is Going to Dump You

Being a player in a gaming group, there is always the risk that something will go wrong and it will end too soon for you. And not all are happy endings, and sometimes those ends come after plenty of warning signs and red flags from the Dungeon Master. If you’re in a gaming group, and have that feeling like it’s going down-hill, there are some definite early signs to look out for.

Here are the Top 10 signs that your DM is going to dump you in the near future:

10. He’s slowly talking to you less

Though the loss of communication doesn’t hit you right away, if a DM is looking to kick you out of the game, he will definitely slowly reduce the amount of communication you guys have. Maybe he will stop asking you as many questions, and focus on other characters and their story in the game. When communication slowly fades away, he may be slowly plotting a way out for your character. But he’s obviously trying to do it quietly.

9. Fighting has become more frequent

Fights are all but inevitable. However, you may have noticed that recently your DM seems to be picking more fights with you and getting into an argument over the dumbest of things. This may be because he is planning his way out and is trying to distance himself from you and the group. Fights build tension and take some of the blame off of him.

8. You don’t feel close to him anymore

At one point in time you felt like part of the group and the Dungeon Master was your buddy. You loved showing up to play. You felt connected on a variety of levels, and the campaign was going awesome. But now you feel the complete opposite of how you used to. You don’t feel like part of the group, and he doesn’t make any efforts to remedy it.

7. He’s talking about a lot of change

He wants to go back to school and get another degree. He wants to take up a job in another city. He wants to buy a home and has less time for gaming. He has another friend that wants to join the game. but the group is already full.  The game night might change to a different night. If a DM is looking to dump you, he may talk about a lot of new plans that he has but these plans with the game don’t really involve you. Clearly if he hasn’t included you in these plans, he isn’t envisioning a future.

6. He doesn’t make any promises or commitments

Usually on Thursday night he always mades sure to let everyone know when the next game is going to happen. But now he doesn’t want to commit to anything and instead says “we’ll see,” “maybe,” “not sure if it will happen.” This is an obvious sign that he does not have any plans to commit to something that involves you. Plans means that he’ll have to spend more time as a group with a game that he doesn’t want.

5. Take backs and give backs

A while back he gave you one of his favorite dice bags to hold your new dice and you gave him your super large square grid wet-erase map. When a Dungeon Master is looking to kick you out of the group, or just leave the game for a while, you may notice him giving back anything you have gotten him and taking back items he has given you. The sudden take and give backs are a huge sign that something isn’t right.

4. Facebook changes

In the world today, almost everyone has a Facebook and at one point his profile picture was one of your whole group together at the table. Now it’s a picture of him that really shows off all his new D&D books. Clearly he’s slowly but surely trying to make himself out to be available.

3. Made up alibis

So you’ve asked him when the next game is going to happen. Instead of the typical response, he gives you a long and drawn out alibi as to why the game is cancelled. Usually these alibis are elaborate but all made up, and you should be able to spot them immediately.

2. His friends aren’t as welcoming anymore

DMs tend to talk to their other friends, especially their gaming friends about their nightly game and the path that the campaign is on. If he wants to end the game, it’s likely that he will tell his friends about it. This may in turn make them less welcoming and warming towards you. You may even get awkward looks at the gaming store or whispers behind your back about a new spot in a gaming group.

And the Number 1 sign that the Dungeon Master is Going to Dump You:

1. You get that gut feeling

Players are really good at sensing things before they happen (like when the DM says, “are you sure?”)  Do you just feel like something is wrong? Is your heart telling you that things are going downhill quickly? Is the Dungeon Master rolling a ton of Crits against your character behind the screen. When you start to think about the idea that the DM may dump you, you’re probably right. Anytime you get those thoughts and feelings, you’re getting them for a reason!



I hope you’ve taken all of this to heart, and start looking at the DM suspiciously from now on, because at any moment, he may soon dump you for another player.  And if it does happen, remember, it was never your fault.  😉

Have Fun!