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Spells for D&D 5th Edition [Part 1]

If you look through the D&D 5th edition spells in the Player’s Handbook you will notice that there are some spells that are named after people.  They are named after Greyhawk characters: Bigby, Drawmij, Mordenkainen, Nystul, Otiluke, Otto, Rary the ...
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Recurring Villain

If you are thinking of adding a Recurring Villain as part of your campaign, then here are some guidelines that will help you in your game planning.
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Sci-Fi Technology Puzzles for Fantasy RPG Games

I like blending worlds in fantasy role-playing games using things from Wuxia, Star Frontiers, Wild West, and others, but doing that comes with certain difficulties. Especially, the difficulty with Science Fiction technology that the player’s characters do not understand, and ...
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One Page Dungeon Contest

So the One Page Dungeon Contest has been going on for years now, and each subsequent year, the submissions get better and better.  If you need some ideas for your games, then you should go to their page and check ...
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Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Battle for Faerûn

I have the Marvel Dice Masters game, and was very excited to hear that a D&D Dice Masters game was being released next month.  Dice Masters is a very quick game that uses dice to build a force that you ...
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Star Frontiers / D&D 5e Conversion Part 6

I started to put together some Star Frontier monsters that can be used for a D&D 5th edition – Star Frontiers Campaign. I stated first with a creature that you should find interesting.  It is really big and scary, 65 ...
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Oriental Adventures – Yakuza

Continuing the Wuxia (WU-she-AH) campaign ideas, I have a Rogue class archetype for D&D 5th edition, the Yakuza! Many think of the Yakuza as murdering gangsters, that may be what they became after the Edo Period, but they originated as ...
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D&D Pronunciation Guide

Whenever the word Tiefling comes up in our home game, my son says “tie-FLING“, and I’ve always said “TEAF-ling.” For me it is a little odd when I hear it pronounced tie-FLING, because I don’t think of it that way ...
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Top 14 Old School D&D Modules

So there have been a TON of modules that were created by TSR for Dungeons & Dragons over the years. The list is truly amazing once you see it, because of all the work and time that went into each ...
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D&D 5e Combat – Initiative House Rule Option #2

This is the second article I have written about house rules for initiative. I haven’t thrown the initiative rolls out the window, yet. After play testing Robert Schwalb’s Shadow of the Demon Lord action economy system, I have found that ...