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A Writer’s Guide to Roleplaying: Developing Character at the Table

I started a new campaign and could barely contain my excitement about the character I spent weeks developing. My background is filled with detailed NPCs, an arch nemesis, a dark family secret, and an origin story that makes me tear ...
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Gunslinger – D&D 5e Build

So I built an entire Gunslinger class for D&D 5th edition a few months ago (which can be found here: Gunslinger 5e Class), and last week there was a Dungeon Master’s Guide release for firearms & alien technology. I didn’t want ...
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Halloween Roundup

Halloween is just a few days away. Here is a list of some Halloween related RPG links including monsters, adventures, music, tips and more.
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D&D 5e Bard and Druid Spellbook Cards – Now Available ...

D&D 5e Bard and Druid Spell Decks appear to be available at Gale Force 9’s online store. They are missing thumbnails at the time of writing this.
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Star Wars Jedi – D&D 5e Build

So I started making this Star Wars Jedi build with my son. He is a Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules guru, and I discussed some things I’d light to see, and ideas I had and we worked on this for ...
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Werewolf – Howl at the Moon!

Someone sent this awesome Werewolf Player Character build to me, and I’d like to share. I made some major tweaks, and this is for those DM’s that have player characters that would like to play a more realistic Werewolf, have ...
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Apprentice Characters

The topic of creating Apprentice or Zero level characters came up in a discussion group. and I’d like to do a quick writeup with my thoughts about creating one for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.  A zero level character can ...