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WoC & Creator of Adventure Time Collaborating on Secret Project

I’m a big fan of Adventure Time and even ran an Adventure Time homebrew campaign for D&D 4th Edition last year. Earlier this week on Twitter, Chris Perkins revealed that Wizard of the Coast is collaborating with Pendleton Ward (creator ...
Adventure Time (Land of Ooo)Adventure Time D&D 4e

Adventure Time 4e Homebrew Rules, etc.

In March 2014 I was lucky enough to unite a group of strangers on Roll20 to play a fantastic homebrew mod of D&D 4e based on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. The homebrew was created by Bloodghost. You can ...
Adventure Time (Land of Ooo)Adventure Time D&D 4eD&D 4e

Adventure Time – Session #1

Today's was our first try at playing with the Adventure Time homebrew rules. Princess Bubblegum is looking for new champions to save Ooo from a dire threat (where are Finn and Jake?) and has called on new heros.