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Werewolf – Howl at the Moon!

Someone sent this awesome Werewolf Player Character build to me, and I’d like to share. I made some major tweaks, and this is for those DM’s that have player characters that would like to play a more realistic Werewolf, have shown an interest in Werewolves, or you just want to surprise them with something new.

A Werewolf is a humanoid that is cursed with chaotic nature magic to transform into a giant, wolf-like creature during the full moon. The most common way to become a Werewolf is to be bitten, or scratched. Some part of the Werewolf’s claws or saliva must make contact with a target’s bloodstream to spread the curse. As such, creatures without blood (e.g. Warforged) are immune. Other races too far removed from mammalian predators are also immune for unknown reasons. This includes the races of Dragonborn, Thri-kreen, Shardmind, and Tiefling (the Tiefling’s blood is already considered cursed, which prevents it becoming double-cursed).

How to become cursed

Bitten: A humanoid bitten by a Werewolf must make a Constitution Save against DC [8 + Werewolf’s proficiency bonus + Werewolf’s Con modifier]  or become cursed.  Must make a save for each time bitten.

Scratched: A humanoid hit by a Werewolf’s claws must make a Constitution Save against DC (8 + Werewolf’s Con modifier) or become cursed. Must make a save for each time clawed.

A humanoid that is made unconscious (0 HP) from a Werewolf attack instantly fails the Constitution Save and becomes cursed.

The Curse

Once a creature is cursed with lycanthropy, they have until the first night of the following full moon (approx. 28 days away) to use a remove curse spell, or the condition becomes permanent.  Once the first change into a Werewolf has taken place, only a wish or other extremely powerful magic can remove the curse. Doing so should be a monumental undertaking, and possibly the focus of an entire adventure or campaign.

A Werewolf will transform each of the three nights of the full moon, as soon as the moon is in the sky and the sun has set, against their will. The form they take is that of a very large and vicious wolf with some humanoid qualities. They will remain in this form until sunrise, or they are rendered unconscious.

If remove curse is cast at the beginning of the transformation, the Werewolf may make a DC15 Wisdom save to avoid the transformation. This will delay transformation for one night. If the spell is cast using a 4th-level slot, this save will suppress the transformation for 2 nights.

A child with one or both Werewolf parents has a chance of becoming a Werewolf at the onset of puberty (DM’s discretion).

Enraged Transformation

A Werewolf who fails a death save, takes 12 or more of their total hit points in damage in a single round, or witnesses severe harm come to something or someone they care about, they must make a Wisdom save or immediately transform. The DC is determined by the DM and should be dependent on the severity of the insult or injury.  Typically DCs of 15, 20, 25 & 30.

Enrage lasts for 1 hour, after which the Werewolf transforms back to Humanoid Form, and gains one level of exhaustion, or you may choose to enrage and continue your rampage at the DM’s discretion (additional one hour).


A Werewolf has only two forms: Human and Beast. The Humanoid Form changes take place after transforming into the Beast form for the first time and becoming cursed permanently.

Humanoid Form:

In Humanoid form, all werewolves permanently gain the Alert feat (Player’s Handbook page 165) and Dark vision, if they did not already have them.

They change their Strength and Wisdom score to 15, if either stat was below 15 before receiving the curse.

Beast Form:

In Beast form, all werewolves use the Winter Wolf stat block (Monster Manual Page 340) with some modifications:

Use the highest of the Constitution or Wisdom abilities between the Werewolf Humanoid Form or Winter Wolf.

The Werewolf’s beast form Strength is the highest of either Werewolf’s Humanoid Strength+4 , or the Winter Wolf’s Strength.

The Werewolf’s beast form Dexterity is the highest of either Werewolf’s Humanoid Dexterity+4 , or the Winter Wolf’s Dexterity.

If the Werewolf’s Humanoid form has more total hit dice, use their Hit Point value from Humanoid form instead.

Remove snow camouflage.

Werewolves can use Multi-attack, Bite, and Claws from the Werewolf monster block (Monster Manual Page 211). They cannot use weapons. These attacks are made as Strength attacks and include the werewolf’s proficiency. Werewolves have the damage immunities from the Werewolf monster block in beast form only (MM 211).

A Werewolf in beast form is always controlled by the Dungeon Master. A character who wishes to learn to control their beast form can take up to four feats, which usually require a powerful, Elder Werewolf mentor. They are hard to find, and often unsympathetic to the plight of the freshly-cursed.

New Werewolf Feats

Adept of the New Moon (Prerequisite Werewolf Curse)

Increase Dexterity by 1 in Humanoid & Beast Forms

Increased Resistance: You can naturally resist transformation during the start of a Full Moon with a DC of 12 Wisdom check without the aid of a remove curse spell.  If you fail the save, you transform as normal, but can attempt to save the next night. Also you no longer need to roll to resist transformation for the rest of a full moon phase after you have successfully resisted for one night.

Adept of the Waxing Moon (Prerequisite Adept of the New Moon Feat, Werewolf Curse)

Increase Strength by 1 in Humanoid & Beast Forms

Voluntary Transformation: You may now choose to transform as an action by making a DC15 Wisdom check (On a failed Wisdom check you become enraged), You will remain in Beast Form for one hour, and are still under DM Control. This does not take the place of an enraged transformation or Full Moon transformation.

Friends: At this stage, a well-known friend or associate may make a DC15 Wisdom (Handle Animal) check as a reaction to being attacked, to convince the werewolf it is friendly, and should not be the target of its aggression. If the Animal Handling check is successful, the Werewolf will leave the area if there are no enemy targets to attack.

Adept of the Waning Moon (Prerequisite Adept of the Waxing Moon Feat, Werewolf Curse)

Increase Wisdom by 1 in Humanoid & Beast Forms

Zen Resistance: You gain advantage on rolls to resist transformation at the start of each night during a Full Moon cycle and the DC becomes 10.

Good Friends: Your beast form gains some level of awareness, and is less likely to attack known friends and associates that it is aware of from its subconscious, human mind unless they directly threaten it. They may make a DC10 Wisdom(Handle Animal) check as a reaction to being attack, which will stop all attacks, and the Werewolf will leave the area if there are no targets to attack.

Adept of the Full Moon (Prerequisite Adept of the Waning Moon, Werewolf Curse)

Increase Strength by 1 in Humanoid & Beast Forms

Advanced Control: You may now assert full control over your Beast Form. You also gain a +5 against Enraged Transformations.

Expert Voluntary Transformation: A voluntary transformation lasts for one hour, after which you either take one level of exhaustion and revert to humanoid form, or you may choose to enrage and continue your rampage at the DM’s discretion (additional one hour).

  • You can’t cast spells, speak, or take any action that requires hands or is limited by your physiology. Concentration on any ongoing spells is broken.
  • You may make use of class features if your beast form is physically capable of doing so.
  • Your equipment falls to the ground in your space. You will need to pack some spare clothes.
  • Taking any action in beast form not directly related to stalking, hunting, fighting, tracking, feeding, or other wolf-like activities may prompt the DM to make you roll a Wisdom Save against DC 15 or lose control. You act as if enraged which lasts one hour, afterwards the Werewolf transforms back to Humanoid Form. The beast will not be denied.

Best Friends: You will not attack known friends or associates while in Beast form even if enraged.