I already received my started set back on Monday, but today was exciting since we get our first look at character generation and lots of other detailed rules.

DOWNLOAD D&D BASIC RULES from Wizards of the Coast.

The download file is a PDF around 3MB and about 100 pages long. I printed it and had it bound at Staples for around $14.

The rules cover character creation plus the core rules including combat and exploration. It contains:

  • 4 Races: human, dwarf (hill, mountain), elf (high, wood), and halfling (lightfoot, stout).
  • 4 Classes: fighter (champion archetype), cleric (life domain), rogue (thief archetype), and wizard (evocation tradition). These all go from levels 1-20.


The rules use examples and I saw mentions of mentions of Greyhawk, Eberron and Dragonlance (my favorite) to go along with the default Forgotten Realms. It will be interesting to see the new versions of these worlds when they come out (they are mentioned far too often to be on the discard pile). Right now I am running a Nentir Vale campaign set around Fallcrest – first time I used the default setting and it’s actually pretty full of good locations and NPCs, so I’m actually a little sad to see this setting being forgotten (pun intended).