Here is a fun little ballad I wrote with one of my players for the adventurers to start to hear about themselves after winning a huge battle and gaining fame early on (level 4 and 5). We’re not poets, but anything that helps show the impact the PCs are having on a world is good in my books.

The Silver Six met in Fallcrest from afar
With a dragonborn’s missed punch in a bar
Big Nadarr missed by a whole bunch
But little Ander hit back with a crunch

Coppernight found treasure digging deep
But kolbolds and a dragon invaded the keep
The Six won with blade, shield and magic
But the loss of many dwarves was tragic

Attacked in the woods by a wolf pack
The Six shouldn’t have ever arrived back
But brave Vantasm sacrificed his life
And most of the wolves ate the knife

The Silver Six arrived back in town
Around Fallcrest their name got around
Defeated wolves, dragon and kobold
Led by Arthur, their cleric of purest gold

To Winterhaven guarding a wagon train
The Six quickly found trouble again
A sneak attack by goblins twenty
Lo-Kag, Nadarr and Feryl killed plenty

To make the King’s Road secure
Killing all the goblins was their cure
While quickly dispatching the foul beasts
Ander found Tiamat’s cult of evil priests

Under a dark hood was concealed
A traitorous Lord Kamroth was revealed
Hard victory won, in this house of evil prayer
But cowardly Kamroth vanished into thin air

Atop the dark altar they gravely found
Pelor’s young priestess tightly bound
Our healers found Marla’s life force gone
A soul of good for Tiamat to feed upon

People knew Kamroth couldn’t be this evil man
Gaining wealth and land was his only plan
Our desperate heroes joined a criminal gang
Framed criminals now were, about to hang

Before Kamroth’s end game could come to fruition
Our Six escaped to continue this heroic mission
Into the catacombs the Six quickly ascended
Lives of Fell Courtists and Tiamat’s cultists ended

Into Kamroth’s secret temple under his manor
Our heroes stood brave waving their banner
The plan of Tiamat’s evil cult from the very start
Was to gain enough gold to free her from the dark

A battle of sword and faith where gods took the field
Bahumut fought his sister, her true plan revealed.
A battle of heroes and gods decided by one mortal life
Arthur defended Feryl making one last sacrifice

Beautiful Tiamat defeated by Pelor’s light
Killed her dark cleric and escaped into night
The Six had successfully reached their goal
But in that temple the Six lost its soul

Where are the valiant Silver Six on this day?
Away on a noble quest is what people will say
In more cases than not, they wouldn’t be wrong
Fear for villain and dragon when Six come along