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Top 3 D&D Actual Play Podcasts

Critical Hit, DnDUI and Nerd Poker are my 3 favorite D&D actual play podcasts that I listen to religiously. I chose them for their high quality and regular release schedule.

Critical Hit

  • Visit http://majorspoilers.com/critical-hit/ or search for Critical Hit on iTunes.
  • Podcast by the crew at MajorSpoilers.com that started way back in 2008, so if you like it – you’ll have years of content to enjoy.
  • The DM Rodrigo have created an interesting world for people experienced with D&D and they do a super great job explaining the rules to newbies.
  • Started in early 2013 and updates each Saturday.
  • Playing 4th Edition D&D


  • Visit http://www.dndui.com/ or search for DndUI on iTunes.
  • D&D Under the Influence started in early 2013 and updates each Wednesday.
  • Great How to Play 5th edition podcasts and interesting characters and world. You can start from the beginning or just listen to the catch-up episodes they release each season.
  • Check out the At-Home Drinking Game and other goodies
  • Group started playing 4th Edition D&D and just switched to playing 5th Edition D&D

Nerd Poker

  • Visit http://www.earwolf.com/show/nerd-poker/ or search for Nerd Poker on iTunes
  • “Each week, under dark of night, a group of warriors lead by Brian Posehn gather to play Dungeons & Dragons, and you’re invited to attend!”
  • Brian Posehn and his funny friends have been playing D&D for over a decade and decided to use a podcast as an excuse to start playing again.
  • Started in late 2012 and updates on Wednesday most weeks.
  • Group started playing 4th Edition D&D and switched to playing 2nd Edition AD&D (I think)