So here is the continuation of my Star Frontiers conversion using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth edition core rules.  I’ve been tweaking things, and pulled the equipment side out of the character creation.  I created the Astronaut class, and changed the races features a bit from some great responses I received.  So I am breaking this up a bit, and I hope you like what I am working on, and since I made Psionics a character overlay that can go with anything, Psionics can easily be added to the Star Frontiers world. I’m going to start working on vehicles and robots, and will update these pages as I hear back from all you cool people.  Please let me know if I goofed somewhere, or if I could make it better.

Star Frontiers


All the costs are in credits. Use the list of weapons in the PHB for Archaic weapons.  Follow the class proficient weapon skills for those archaic melee and ranged weapons.  You are usually issued weapons from your employer to accomplish missions, so don’t look into this cost thing too closely. Unless you are paying it back to an employer because you broke his stuff.

Advanced Technology Weapons

I started with making the lasers do fire damage, sonic weapons cause thunder, needler’s are definitely piercing, and grenades and rockets create bludgeoning and piercing damage.  And needler weapon ammunition can be changed out so that is why they are listed twice.  It would take an action to change out.

Beam Weapons

Electrostunner4d10 lightning damage5001 30/45 light, stun
Laser Pistol1d10 fire damage6001 60/300 light, laser
Laser Rifle2d10 fire damage8002 300/600 laser
Sonic Disruptor6d10 thunder damage7002 60/120  sonic
Sonic Stunner1d4 thunder damage5001/2 60/90 sonic, stun
Heavy Laser5d10 fire damage60005 800/3000 heavy, laser
Sonic Devastator5d10 thunder damage50005 150/300 heavy, sonic

Projectile Weapons

WeaponDamageCostWeight Range Properties
Needler Pistol, sleep1d10 piercing damage2002 60/120sleep
Needler Rifle, sleep1d10 piercing damage4003 120/225sleep
Needler Pistol2d10 piercing damage200260/120
Needler Rifle2d10 piercing damage4003120/225

Gyrojet Weapons

WeaponDamageCostWeight Range Properties
Gyrojet Pistol2d10 bludgeoning damage200 5150/300
Gyrojet Rifle3d10 bludgeoning damage300 10225/450 heavy
Grenade Rifle8d10 bludgeoning/piercing damage700 10150/300 heavy
Grenade Mortar8d10 bludgeoning/piercing damage2000 201500/3000 heavy,loading
Rocket Launcher15d10 bludgeoning/piercing damage5000 10600/1500 heavy,loading

Advanced Melee Weapons

WeaponDamageCostWeight Range Properties
Electric Sword1d10 lightning damage150 2melee finesse
Shock Gloves1d10 lightning damage50 1/4melee light, finesse, stun
Sonic Sword2d8 fire & thunder damage300 1melee finesse
Vibroknife2d6 slashing damage25 1melee light, finesse

Stun causes a target that is hit to be in a stunned condition until the end of it’s next turn
Laser weapons cause light to be cast from the weapon that can be seen up to 1 mile
Sleep property causes a chemical induced sleep on all known creatures. On a failed Constitution save versus DC 15, the target is rendered asleep. Sleep continues for up to 1d4 hours, or is given a stimdose injection.
Grenade weapons have a blast sphere of 5 from the target that may not include a creature.
Rocket weapons are similar to grenade weapons but have a blast sphere of 15.

Advanced Technology Defenses

Only one suit and one screen can be worn at the same time. I made power screens so that they are an additional defensive barrier.  Archaic armor can also be worn with screens, but then a Defense suit can not be worn.
Power Screens
I didn’t want to over power (OP) the Power Screens so I limited their use. Power Screens use an reaction to turn on and will stay on for 10 minutes after switched on, can’t be turn off. They can be recharged, but takes 1 hour.

Defense Suits
The Defense suits behave just like Archaic Armor, except extremely light and durable.  The Civilian skeinsuit appears to be look like civilian attire, while the Military Skeinsuit has a changing camouflage design that increases Stealth+6.  The Flak armor is lightweight polymer armor that has interlocking plates over your clothes.

Power Screens

Albedo Screen20001/4screen, damage reduction fire & thunder damage
Gauss Screen10001/4screen, damage immunity thunder damage
Halo Screen10001/4screen, invisibility
Inertia Screen20001/4screen, damage resist piercing,bludgeoning, slashing damage
Sonic Screen20001/4screen, damage resist thunder damage

Defense Suits

Albedo Suit50013+Dexdamage resist thunder damage
Military Skeinsuit30014+Dexdamage resist piercing,bludgeoning, slashing damage
Civilian Skeinsuit50012+Dexdamage resist piercing,bludgeoning, slashing damage
Flak Armor75016+Dexdamage resist piercing,bludgeoning, slashing damage

Other Equipment

Standard Equipment Pack: ID Card, Chronograph/Communicator, Coveralls, Doze Grenade, First Aid Pak, Pocket Tool, Survival rations
Chronocom – Chronograph and solar system communication with another Chronocom or other communication system. Battery life is 10 years.
Coveralls are a highly durable, waterproof suit designed to keep the wearer warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather. The suit has large pockets on the hips, legs and chest, as well as several smaller pockets on the sleeves.
Doze Grenades are small, lightweight non-lethal throwing devices designed to disperse a fast-acting knockout gas (Doze Gas) which is effective against all known biological race. Sleep property
First Aid Pak

  • Spray Bandage (Plastiflesh) — 1 can of spray which closes up wounds and heals burns
  • Antiseptic Spray — 1 can of spray to clean and disinfect a skin area
  • Spray Hypodermic (Spray Hypo) — syringe used to give shots without a needle
    • 1 dose of Stimdose — to revive unconscious individuals
    • 1 dose of Staydose — to sustain a dying person for 20 hours

ID Card – An Identification Card is a state-or corporate-issued card, used to confirm the identity of an individual, wherever they may go. They are universally accepted on all Worlds.

Pocket Tool – all Pocket Tools include these features:

  • A penknife blade
  • A universal screwdriver
  • A small, adjustable wrench
  • Vice pliers
  • A hole puncher
  • An electromagnet
  • A small flashlight (25m range)

Stimdose will wake up an unconscious or stunned character, or to restore 10 hit points to a character that was poisoned or contracted a disease.
Staydose is a last-ditch-use drug used to place a dying person into a state of near-suspended animation for 24 hours, hopefully long enough to give the person proper medical attention.

Survival rations is a supply of 300 large pills. Each pill will satisfy the daily food requirements for a total of 300 days.

SF-5e PART 1

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