New Wizards Account System

Wizards of the Coast just released their new Wizards Account system.

The new Wizards Account System will allow you to access all of your accounts like your DCI, planeswalker, D&D Insider accounts, Wizards Play Networkaccount users, customer support and the wizards community forum.  Everyone will be able to merge all there accounts under a single user login and then you will have access to everything.  You will be able to print out your DCI card online as before, but with background art of your choosing.  There are 3 backgrounds choices available.

All you need to do is go to http://accounts.wizards.com/

If you have an existing DCI number, then after creating your account, type in that DCI number with your old password, and merge it with the default DCI that is created after you log in the first time.  If you never registered your DCI or RPGA, then you’ll have to call customer support.

So when you first create the account, you’ll be required to make a screen name, and change your password to:

Password Must Contain:

  • Minimum of 7 characters
  • Maximum of 29 characters
  • Uppercase letter (1 or more)
  • Lowercase letter (1 or more)
  • Number (0–9)
  • Special character (e.g., !, $, *, etc.)

Passwords Cannot Be:

  • Your Login ID
  • Your email address
  • Your screen name
  • Your DCI number
  • A drawing of your favorite Planeswalker

More details can be found on the following link:   http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/news/new-wizards-account-system