Alea Publishing Group has recently released a short 5 page free adventure for any edition.  It is called The Gift of the Gnarled One, with a PDF download link. The adventure was written for The Feudal Lords Campaign Setting. It has been set up as a rules light version, so it removes all the statistics and but then has rule guides and scaling for 3rd, 4th and 5th edition for the encounter at the end.  Each edition has a small paragraph with a guide for scaling for each particular version that you may be playing, and also has scaling for different party levels.

Lubri Hamlet

It is a short adventure for 4 to 5 players of levels dependent on the edition played:


  • 3rd Edition – 6th Level characters
  • 4th Edition – 7th Level characters
  • 5th Edition – 8th or 9th Level characters

You can find more information about the Feudal Lords Campaign Setting on RPG Now.com and the Alea Publishing Website:

Feudal Lords Campaign Settting and Alea Publishing Group