WarforgedWizard of the Coast’s Mike Mearls was involved with a Reddit AMA today. He provided answers to lots of questions, but I have called out a few items in posts, this being the third post. I’m a big fan of Dragonlance, so anything about Dragonlance or Kender is going to get catch my interest. Warforged are a really cool race, but I personally have only played one briefly in a 4e game.

Mike Mearls was asked by MisanthropeX:
“Are the Warforged and Kender still on track to be included in the 5e DMG? What options for players, rather than DMs, will be included? I know we saw two archetypes for the cleric and paladin included there, for instance.
Mike answered:
They are not in the DMG, but they will be made available. That material, along with a few other things, were squeezed out due to page count limits. However, the writing is done and we want to get it into your hands.
You can imagine that Legends & Lore, as an article that talks about 5e design, isn’t really needed anymore. It’s possible that L&L goes away and a Uniquely Approachable new column with a similar, throwback name rolls out and focuses on hacking and modding the system, drawing on DMG stuff that we had to remove and then growing from there.