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UPDATED! Codename: Morningstar Kickstarter

On their Kickstarter page Trapdoor Technologies tells us about Codename: Morningstar with the following statement and a video.
“Create, publish, prepare and play. A cloud-based application designed to enhance your tabletop RPG adventuring and storytelling.”

They are looking to raise $425,000 over 30 days for their tool geared towards game masters, players and game designers.

They posted this short two minute video that shows off their user interface which appears to be showing Morningstar running with Pathfinder related info. The video quickly shows some of the functionality of Codename: Morningstar, including character generation, party messaging, adventure browsing, product shelf, store, dice roller, adventure creation and publishing.

They provide the following details:

  • blurbs on the six modules they will continue to b providing which include Home, Character, Adventure, Campaign, Party and Library
  • info on a new seventh module called Forge, which appears to be for GMs to create and tweak worlds
  • statement that Codename: Morningstar will be available on “Any device. Anytime.”
  • statement of risks and challenges
  • a detailed FAQ
  • outline of the “wondrous items” that will be given at each pledge level

Visit their Kickstarter page