As some of you might know, I run a waterborne campaign of my own in my Vodari setting. In the latest Unearthed Arcana, Mike Mearls has provided some great options for your seafaring adventures. I actually set-up Minotaurs and Swashbucklers for my campaign… but this take is great and my Swashbuckler was clearly inferior. The Mariner fighting style and Storm Sorcerer are great player options for a waterborne campaign too.

Information is provided for:

  • a Minotaur race (Krynn)
  • a fighting style called Mariner (for Fighters, Paladins and Rangers)
  • a roguish archtype called Swashbuckler
  • a Sorcerous Origin called Storm


Waterborne Adventures: The new character options presented in this month’s Unearthed Arcana showcase a simple design approach to adventure on the high seas. These rules include new options for the Fighting Style, Roguish Archetype, and Sorcerous Origin class features, as well as a playable minotaur race from Dragonlance’s world of Krynn. Created to be specifically useful for nautical D&D campaigns, these rules are general enough that they can be useful in any campaign.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide contains the rules for managing ships at sea, along with encounter tables, rules for weather, and other useful tools. By combining those rules with these new options, your campaign will be ready to set sail.


Looking for monsters & more player options for your waterborne adventures?