Tribality Gear is In & Other Members Updates

This is a quick update of the earlier post I put up on our Patreon page just over a week ago. It’s taken some work to get progress on all the community stuff and rewards for our supporters and still take care of the site, but we’re sending out rewards to our supporters tomorrow! Thank you so much to all of our supporters and regular visitors.

Website & Roundtable Stuff

  • As previously mentioned, I’m playing around with the community a bit longer than planned – but it will be launching in late July. I had a community just about ready to go in May but it was rushed and we were not happy with it. Once the community is ready, all of our members will receive a username and password to get access to our members only area.
  • We are working on getting the GM roundtable set-up and scheduled. We’re hoping to run the first one soon, but summer vacations and GEN CON are making scheduling tough.
  • We have a supporters page now too!

Rewards Stuff

I have the t-shirts, stickers and thank you cards from the printer and I’ve packaged up our first round of thank you packages for our supporters. I’m heading to the post office tomorrow to send everything out to our top supporters who hail from Greece, Canada and the USA.

  • I will be sending out thank you cards with stickers to our Hunter Level and above Patreon supporters tomorrow.
  • All of our Shaman Level ($25/month) supporters and above will be getting a black t-shirt (with white logo). Anyone who signs up to be a Shaman or higher level supporter  before the end of July will get still be able to get a Tribality t-shirt.

Also… Happy Canada Day to any fellow Canadians from Shawn (Toronto) and AA (Halifax)!

Visit Tribality’s Patreon profile to learn more about our goals, our rewards and to become a member of our tribe.