The Game Room

Rich’s Gameroom: Closed for Renovation

Life in 2015 has been pretty amazing, and so much of that has to do with Tribality and our incredible fans. I’m excited to report that my freelance work has increased significantly, including upcoming material for Kobold Press, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and more, as well as helping to expand the aquatic kingdoms of several in-process and existing campaign settings yet to be announced, and upcoming guest appearances on the Dungeon Master’s Block, RPG Academy, RPG Gamer Dad, One Shot podcast’s “Secret Archive”, and the new Talking Tabletop with host, James McClure, airing its first episode in September.

A new position at my day-job, the birth of my amazing son, a GenCon filled with Bucket List events, and my own prose and game-design projects round out this year as one for the record books.

The downside to this balancing act is that I’m forced to revisit my obligations and make sure everything is getting the attention it deserves. After much deliberation I’ve decided to reduce my weekly columns here at Tribality to one. Though “Rich’s Gameroom” gives me the space to post on a wide range of gaming topics, I’ve only just begun to talk about what “From the Depths” has to offer.

That doesn’t mean that articles won’t be posted to the Gameroom from time-to-time, I simply want to make sure my material is as on-time and of the highest quality I can manage, as well as give Shawn the opportunity to bring another columnist on board to broaden the kinds of material Tribality has to offer.

So thank you all for the comments, compliments, and feedback, and stay tuned on Wednesdays for more adventure and intrigue wandering up “From the Depths”.