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Trapdoor Technologies – Free Pathfinder App for iOS (iPad only)

They’re back.

After not reaching a hefty $425k goal on Kickstarter, Trapdoor Technologies as they promised this past January, went forward and produced a free App for use with Pathfinder RPG.

It has been over a year after I first saw Morningstar being demo’ed at Gen Con 2014 in the D&D gaming area, and being used in Adventurers League Games, then afterwards Wizards of the Coast pulled support for it. 🙁

But DungeonScape/Morningstar has been reborn, and now we have Playbook (for PRD) on iTunes. It is currently a free App with two free in-app purchases: PRD Monsters & PRD Rulebook. It touts that “Playbook integrates all the components of a complex tabletop roleplaying game into a single application that can be run on your iPad” 🙂


“With Playbook, everything is at your fingertips from rulebooks, adventures, characters, and maps to the most specific character customization – even a hard-earned badge from an epic homebrew campaign. Rolling up characters, running adventures, tracking campaigns and compiling logbooks are no longer chores, but an integrated, shareable experience.”


Trapdoor Tech Playbook


  • iPad only – 2nd generation or better, iOS 7.0 or better


  • Create Characters 
    • Standard: Step-by-step intelligent rule-based character choices.  The system automatically updates your choices for you within the rules.  Roll up a character in 10 minutes or less!
    • Simple:  For new players in Tabletop Roleplaying.  Answer a short set of survey questions and have a character generated for you.
  • Customizable Character Sheet 
    • Pinch to zoom out and rearrange widgets
    • Tap entries to see definitions and make edits
    • Rotate to portrait mode to see all of your character information in a traditional character sheet (tap the sheet to print/export)
    • Buy and manage equipment through the equipment store
    • Equip your character with magic items, weapons, and armor
  • Join a Party, Send Secret Messages –
    • Join a party created by your GM.  Send secret messages to your party members.
  • See Shared Content –
    • View and track information shared with you by your GM
  • Dice Rolling –
    • A basic dice roller system, available from anywhere in the app.  Share your rolls with your GM or other Players.


  • Adventures At A Glance –
    • Have your entire adventure book available.  Links, illustrations, maps, encounters, and a linked table of contents for instant navigation.
    • Refer to maps instantly via the Map Panel
    • Track encounters including monsters, items, and your party members via the Tracker Panel
    • Share adventure text and maps with your party members
  • View Party Character Sheets –
    • Members of your party automatically share their character sheets with you so you can see how they’re doing at a glance.
  • Send/Receive Secret Messages, Share Items –
    • Have a player that likes to sneak ahead? Coordinate with them through secret messages without disrupting the game.
    • Distribute items and artifacts to players secretly
  • Fast Virtual Dice Rolls –
    • Forgot your dice? We have you covered with our dice rolling system, accessible from anywhere in the app.


We are working to improve and add functionality as fast as we can.

If you have a strong preference for what you’d like to see first in Playbook, let us know here: http://support.trapdoortechnologies.com  –We have a full feedback and feature request tool in place specifically for you.

  • Further PRD Rules Support –
    • Prestige Classes
    • Full support for creatures/familiars/mounts/etc.
    • Support for bags/containers/item storage
    • Much more!
  • Keyword Character Creation –
    • Roll up a character instantly using preset parameters.  Want a 5th level stealthy dwarf?  How about a 10th level tanky paladin?  Create what you need at the press of a button.
  • Forge Content Editing/Creation – We are working toward a flexible and powerful content editing tool (called the “Forge”), enabling the customization of elements at each level of play, including:
    • Monsters
    • Items/Magic Items/Treasure
    • Traps
    • Maps
    • Encounters
    • Adventures
    • Campaigns

Visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trapdoortech/codename-morningstar to view the old Kickstarter page.

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Trapdoor Technologies is a Colorado-based software development company with a passion for great design and great games. Roleplaying, CCGs, miniatures, boardgames, video games – you name it, we have probably played it. Mix in some humility and an open-door policy to feedback and community, and you have a recipe for success!
Contact: support@trapdoortechnologies.com