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Wizards of the Coast – Dragon+ Issue #4

I was just notified that there is a new Dragon+ issue today, and it looks pretty good.

What’s New in Issue 4:

screen322x572The latest issue of Dragon+ delves deep into the new D&D video game, Sword Coast Legends. If you’re a fan of the tabletop
roleplaying game, though, there’s plenty for you too: Find out the story and TRPG stats behind Belaphoss, a balor and the main villain of SCL, or learn about the duergar, which feature prominently in SCL and are a playable race option in the upcoming Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide. We’ll take you behind the scenes of Neverwinter’s new Strongholds expansion. Or, if you want a bit of whimsy, check out The Thweem, a piece of short fiction by Adam Lee and Christopher Perkins, which features monster fan favorite flumphs.

Finally, snag the FREE D&D Adventurer’s League PDF adventure, Shackles of Blood, featuring the Rage of Demons storyline.

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You can read more about Dragon+ at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dragon+/id981727811

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