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Monster by Type and Official Conversion Guide for D&D 5e!

In this month’s Sage Advice column, Jeremy Crawford offers a couple new documents for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons and summarizes some of the resources already available. Specifically we get D&D Monsters By Type and Conversions to 5th Edition D&D.

Monsters by Type

“Sometimes you want to see a list of all monsters of a certain type. Perhaps you’re the DM building an undead-themed adventure, or you’re the player curious to know which elementals or fey your character can summon. The following PDF is for such times. It lists every monster from the Monster Manual by type and includes a creature’s challenge rating and any tags, such as shapechanger, that the creature might have.”

Another useful list to go with the Monsters by Challenge Rating provided as a PDF and in DMG and the Monsters by Environment provided in the DMG.

D&D Monsters by Type (version 1.0) | Read the Full Article

Conversions to Fifth Edition

“We’re sometimes asked for advice on converting things from previous editions of D&D to fifth edition. The following PDF, penned by Chris Sims, gives advice on converting characters and adventures, along with the elements that go into them, such as spells, monsters, and treasure.”

This 4 page guide provides details on:

  • Converting Your Player Characters
    • 5e characters are two-thirds of 4e character levels, other editions match up
    • Modifiers less than +4 are ignored; those of +4 or more use a trait, proficiency, or advantage
    • Ability scores above 20 become 20
    • Feats from 3.x and 4e should be ignored
    • Alignment mapping for 4e and Basic D&D is provided and pretty easy to figure out
  • Converting Adventures
    • includes details for both careful and quick conversions
    • treasure conversions

It would be nice to see an official conversion provided to everyone by D&D for an older, popular module from each edition of D&D. Fingers crossed we get this. We waited longer than expected for this conversion guide, due to a staff member at Wizards of the Coast being on jury duty (this was mentioned as the reason for the delay back in March by Mike Mearls).

Conversions to 5th Edition D&D  (version 1.0) | Read the Full Article


Visit our Fifth Edition D&D Resources page for a full list of documents and links. Tribality’s Michael Long created his own Old School D&D Dungeon Module Conversion Guide too.