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Paradigm Concepts – Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires – Kickstarter

Paradigm Concepts’ Arcanis the World of Shattered Empires is being developed for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. I think you might find this world extremely interesting as Arcanis is not medieval fantasy, and is more pre-European Roman. There is a lot of world building & development as Arcanis has been around over 15 years now, along with an Organized Play component that helped keep the world alive.

The Arcanis 5E Core Book is a 400+ page book, fully compatible with the latest edition of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG. It will be published with high production values and lavishly illustrated by some of the industry’s most talented artists.

Arcanis first debuted in 2001 as a d20 compatible world setting and campaign. Now it’s time to introduce this award-winning setting to a new generation of players, as well as former fans, with a brand new edition.

You can get more information with an overview of the rules and campaign setting, by downloading the Arcanis 5E Primer. This gives you a sample of the Arcanis 5E ruleset, and a taste of the new races, classes, backgrounds, feats and spells used. You also get an sample overview of the peoples, regions and nations of the Known Lands. You can also get a feel for Arcanis by looking over the Arcanis section of Paradigm Concepts Website: http://paradigmconcepts.com/arcanis

Kickstarter Video

With the Kickstarter Video, you get a peek at the world of Arcanis:

Living Arcanis

The World of Arcanis is alive with Living Arcanis. Living Arcanis is a long running Organized play campaign that started in 2001. Living Arcanis 5E is a shared-experience campaign, played in stores, conventions and home games, that uses the 5th Edition rule set and successor to the original Living Arcanis d20 campaign that was part of the RPGA. Like the original campaign, the Living Arcanis 5E campaign will continue to bring epic stories in a fully fleshed out world that you can influence and mold through game play!

There are several backer levels that give the supporter special certificates. These allow you to have access to unique or restricted races or items that are not normally available. But if you don’t participate in Living Arcansis, then it is still a great resource for home games. There are twenty adventures that have been released as a free downloads.

During the d20 years, the original Living Arcanis campaign offered over 150+ free adventures and special events. We’ve continued that tradition with the new iteration of Living Arcanis making available over 20 adventures for free download by May 2017.

You can download many of these adventures now at: https://tinyurl.com/LivingArcanis-Adventures


The current project is at $37,092 of their $20,000 goal with the campaign ending April 22ndh. So they’re already funded which is spectacular!

Arcanis 5E RPG -- Kicktraq Mini


Advantage to Insight Podcast – Wayne Chang and Henry Lopez discuss the beginnings of Arcanis, PCI, Living Arcanis and the Kickstarter. (Audio Only)

Transparency Agenda –  Lou Porter, Jr host us on his Transparency Agenda this evening. We had a lot of fun! Talked about the Kickstarter, the history of Arcanis, Living Campaigns and more! You can watch it here: