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Magic: The Gathering (Plane of Amonkhet) Setting for D&D 5e

The Amonkhet expansion for Magic: The Gathering was released on April 28, 2017, and a few months later we get a 40 page PDF providing details to run adventures in this setting.

The desert plane is heavily inspired by ancient Egypt and ruled by ruled by an evil dragon Planeswalker. Amonkhet is a plane where warriors train their entire life for a chance to face the Trials of the Five Gods and join the elite ranks of the Worthy, claiming an honored place in the Afterlife.

With this free PDF, DMs can run their players through adventures in the setting including new races, new monsters, new backgrounds, and cleric domains for each of the five gods. I’ve outlined the options below, and they look like they could be great options for any campaign where the theme could fit.


  • Initiate – on the path to completing the trials of the five gods in the hope of earning a glorified death in the final trial
  • Vizier – servant of your god
  • Dissenter – those who rebel ragainst the doctrines of the God-Pharaoh


  • Human
  • Aven – humanlike bodies, arms, and legs, along with birdlike wings and head
  • Khenra – tall and lean, with graceful bodies and heads that strongly resemble jackals
  • Minotaur – powerfully built, barrel-chested humanoids with heads resembling rams
  • Naga – resemble enormous snakes with shoulders, arms, and a torso that resembles a humanoid form

Gods & Domains:

  • Oketra: Solidarity Domain
  • Kefnet: Knowledge Domain
  • Rhonas: Strength Domain
  • Bontu: Ambition Domain
  • Hazoret: Zeal Domain


Lots of Monster Manual entries are referred to such as sphinxes and crocodiles. We also get stat blocks for:

  • Ram header Criosphinx
  • Heart-Piercer manticore
  • The serpent and leopard hybrid serpopard


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  • A full breakdown of Plane Shift: Amonkhet is on my to-do list, but it may be a bit. (Measured, that is, in weeks.)

  • It would be fun to run this as a short high-lethality campaign. See what players can be among the ranks of the Worthy before they get killed off. Your PDF link is broken, just so you know!

    • Thanks. fixed the link. Copying and pasting is harder than it looks 😉

  • Manos Ti

    Although the high magic settings of MtG are not exactly my cup of tea, the ideas are solid through and through.

    I might as well incorporate some of these in the Realms campaign I’m currently running.