In case you missed it earlier today, it’s time for September’s Unearthed Arcana. This month we get two new race options in a three-page PDF, the gith and the eladrin (which we first saw as an example subrace in the Dungeon Master’s Guide p. 286).

The eladrin have a nice addition for Feywild backgrounds where you roll personality states (traits and flaws) based on the four seasons. I’m currently running a Nentir Vale campaign with eladrin as a race option. This is an awesome addition that is good for creating backgrounds for both PCs and NPCs.

The gith race option provide two subraces, the martial githyanki and psionic githzerai, which are currently only available as entries in the Monster Manual for DMs to throw at players.

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There is a nice addition to the Unearthed Arcane entry this month. For the first time I remember, the article has a video interview of Mike Mearls by Todd Kenreck (Host of D&D Beyond) discussing the PDF.

As always, remember this is playtest material and I’ll leave the in-depth analysis to Brandes.