Art by Jen Vaughn

Written by Kat Kruger
Illustrated by Jen Vaughn

DM Experience: Competent
Player Experience: Novice

Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

First played by the D20 Dames at Emerald City Comic Con, this little gem of an adventure is a refreshing change for your party.

In Safety Guaranteed, the characters are attending the Emerald Forest Adventure Con! Drizzt cosplayers abound, and get ready to stand in line for celebrity autographs from Volo or Elminster. Shop at the Artisan Alley or head to the main event, the Actual Dungeon! But don’t worry, it’s totally safe. Or is it?

The adventure as written can clock in at an hour, which is clear to follow and incredibly fun. If you’re looking to really deep dive in a hilarious con experience in a time where we can’t attend one in person, an experienced DM can build out the entire event with the detailed map.

This lighthearted adventure is easily run with theater of the mind, and would play well over voice chat only.

Bonus: Listen to the D20 Dames play this adventure to help you prepare your own.