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10 Cozy D&D Adventures To Play This Weekend

Art By Bob Greyvenstein

Do you ever have a week where you want to play D&D but you just don’t have the bones to prepare that epic battle with the dracolich? Take a break from the party’s usual adventuring with these cozy modules that celebrate friendship, festivals, and new experiences with little risk and lots of rewards.

Groceries for Beldok
By Dialectrical
2 – 4 players, 1st level characters

This gentle adventure is a great option for players that have been travelling for a while. The adventurers are caught in a rain storm and see a warm, welcoming light from a cottage near the forest. The homeowner, an elderly goblin named Beldok, invites them to stay. Beldok asks the characters for help in getting her groceries; she is worried about going into town alone. Helping Beldok fill her shopping list, and stopping a little mayhem, earns the players a warm bed and delicious meal as a reward.

This module doesn’t use boxed text but gives plenty of details, which may lean more on the DM to improv some of the scenes. 

King of the Cats
By M.T. Black
4 players, 1st or 2nd level characters

This purrfectly unexpected adventure leads your players to meet with the Congress of Cats in Neverwinter. The King of the Cats has gone missing – did a recent deal with the worgs go bad, or was it the Rat Boss? Time is ticking. If the players don’t find him soon, he’ll be exiled forever!

There are several opportunities for combat, if your party prefers, as you explore the city in your search for the King. This adventure can easily become two sessions as the players have an option to visit the Clockwork Carnival. Several different endings are outlined; this is a great adventure for DMs who prefer to work with written paths.

A Mischievous Mess
By H.R. Bumga
4 players, 1st – 3rd level characters

The characters are hired by one of the lords of Thimblepin Estate, who tells them over tea that something strange is going on around the grounds. He explains that he thinks that bad spirits are causing trouble and he doesn’t want his husband to come home to a haunted house. Investigating both inside and outside the house finds a brownie who needs the character’s help.

Spending plenty of time in this comfortable home can be a welcome change from a party that’s been deep in dungeons. Well-crafted descriptions, art, and maps bring this adventure to life for players looking for a little mystery.

The Mossmouse Tea Shop
By Cheyanne Lovellette
4 players, 1st – 4th level characters

This little tea shop can be dropped into any setting for players to spend some time indulging in teas and treats. The proprietor and shop keeper warmly welcome the characters to browse the tea menu or pick up some supplies to brew their own tea while out adventuring. These teas are magical and grant special effects (and are delicious). 

Two adventure hooks are included for a DM to spend more time around the shop. They don’t go into details, so DMs should be prepared to improv a bit. The illustrations are enchanting and there are plenty of rewards that players can enjoy.

Pudding Faire
By Will Doyle, Shawn Merwin, Cindy Moore
3 to 7 players, 1st – 4th level characters

This sweet adventure with a twist brings your players to Honeypuddle, a halfling town that cooks a giant fruitcake for their woodland gnome cousins as part of an annual holiday. Unfortunately, the dieties Cyrrollalee and Urdlen quarrel and the party is caught in a time loop that repeats the same day.

There are many robust details that will fill up an entire adventuring day and completely catch your players off-guard when the day repeats itself. There’s everything you’d expect in a large festival like lots of food and contests, and at the end the players must end the curse or be stuck forever. There are many details to track which makes this adventure suitable for an experienced DM. 

Let’s Go In The Garden
By Philippa Mort
3 – 5 players, 2nd level characters

You can’t get more cozy than cottagecore, and this wonderful adventure delivers. Laurel and Joy have moved into their new home near the Cedwig Wood, and Laurel is ready to get married. She needs the adventurers to help her set up a picnic for a perfect proposal. Various encounters with adorable NPCs create a chill experience for your players.

The art in this module is gorgeous. It has plenty of maps, NPC portraits, and instructions, which makes it a good choice for newer DMs. 

Waterdeep Kitten Rescue
By Michelle Churchill
4 players, 3rd level characters

A visit to the Yawning Portal curiously results in a kitten placed in the player’s care. Searching for the owner leads the characters to a bookshop with even more cats that need to be matched with homes. Time reveals that someone has gone missing, and the kitten is the key.

Plenty of rollable tables and robust descriptions make this an easy adventure to run. This short adventure includes an option for combat, and it’s great for new DMs. 

Delivery Witches Apply Within (Eyes Unclouded)
By Brittney Hay
1 – 2 players, 3rd level characters

You really can’t go wrong with any of the adventures from Eyes Unclouded, an anthology inspired by Studio Ghibli animation. If you’re looking for joyful roleplaying, “Delivery Witches Apply Within” is a solid choice.

The story centers around the Kat and Cake Bakery, which you can place in a large city or run as a stand-alone adventure. The bakery recently expanded into delivery services, and a new unsavory competitor is in town causing trouble.

Players can take small jobs taking packages to townsfolk, earning goodwill and trust from the proprietors. There will be small obstacles along the way, such as a lost dog or a cart full of cabbages, and the setting can turn into a cozy downtime activity. 

A Day With The Fey
By Jessica Marcrum
4 to 6 players, 4th – 6th level characters

In a case of mistaken identity, the players find themselves in the Feywild attending the funeral of a treant. To pay for the crime (that they didn’t commit), the players must make amends by helping out the local feyfolk. Caring for rust monsters, ushering for a music competition, and serving as taste testers will earn the characters their freedom – if they manage to not anger any fey in the process. 

There are a couple of opportunities for battle with the ability to end the fight early so no one is really hurt. There’s also a strong puzzle component to the taste-testing which will keep your players guessing. This well-written adventure with several conclusions and rich rewards is a great fit for newer DMs.

Cupid’s Sparrow
By Jonathan Ball, Beth Ball
1 player, any level character

This one-DM one-player adventure can be played any time of the year, but is especially romantic for Valentine’s Day. The annual festival celebrating Sune is in full swing at the Lover’s Nook inn. It’s traditional for festival-goers to go on a date and give a gift that shows their appreciation. The cozy, warm inn caters to the holiday and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

There are plenty of shenanigans that can affect the player’s date, but in all it’s a wonderful evening for a couple to share. This adventure is a fantastic start if you’re looking to run 1×1 games, especially with your partner.