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Wizards of the Coast – Dragon+

“Meet Dragon+, the newest addition to your Dungeons & Dragons library!” Dragon+ was for iPhone and iPad, and ...
D&D 5eNews

The Ability Check – Jeremy Crawford

There is a new article on D&D Wizard’s of the Coast website by Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy answers questions ...
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Oriental Adventures – Wu Jen

Wu Jen are the arcane spellcasters in my Wuxia campaign.  They are like wizards, but there are subtle ...

Roll20 – Apocalypse World

The premiere episode of Roll20 Presents: Apocalypse World Campaign with Adam Koebel starts in a few hours.  Adam ...
D&D 5eHistory of the Classes

The Paladin Class, Part Six

In last week’s article, I talked about the 4e Paladin, where magical power takes center stage in the ...
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D&D March Survey Results & Another Survey

“Another month brings another D&D feedback survey.” Wizards of the Coast has provided the results of the March ...