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Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Four

This book is finally going on sale as an individual title rather than as part of the gift set, as well as going up on D&D Beyond, so commentary is all over Twitter now. Today I’m getting into Chapter 2: ...
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D&D Direct – April 2022 – Spelljammer Confirmed

The first ever D&D Direct came at us with many wonderful surprises. It is the 2022 Announcement showcase. So much goodness with new campaign settings, video game, board games, D&D movie release date, new D&D starter box, miniatures, online collections ...
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Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Three

It’s been several weeks, but I’m finally coming back to this series—which isn’t to say that we’re finishing today. No, we’re finishing just the player races today, from sea elves to yuan-ti.
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Tal’Dorei Reborn: Critical Role Campaign Setting – Review

All art is part of the book and belongs to Darrington Press After the Green Ronin publication of Critical Role: Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting the people at Critical Role created their own gaming company named Darrington Press. Among the few things that ...
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Paizo – Pathfinder Adventure Path for D&D 5th Edition

We have news that Paizo is making their Pathfinder Adventure Path titles for D&D 5th Edition. One of the first is Abomination Vaults. People are excited about this becoming available for D&D 5e and are looking forward to more… When ...
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“The Radiant Citadel” Adventure Anthology Announced

The following press release was just sent out. Looks like we’re getting another anthology in June, this time with thirteen new stand-alone adventures spanning levels 1 to 14. The books contains a gazetteer and also introduces eleven new monsters. There ...
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10 Cozy D&D Adventures To Play This Weekend

Art By Bob Greyvenstein Do you ever have a week where you want to play D&D but you just don’t have the bones to prepare that epic battle with the dracolich? Take a break from the party’s usual adventuring with ...
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Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep Available in North America

I just received this press release from the Dungeon & Dragons PR team. Also, we received a review copy of the book last week and will hopefully be able to post a review soon. The rivals stuff is pretty interesting. ...
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Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part Two

In the first article in this series, I covered about a third of the races in MotM. Today I’m hoping to repeat that trick, because it’s a lot of races. As a reminder, I’m doing as much line-by-line comparison to ...
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Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse Breakdown, Part 1

With that mouthful of a title, I’m kicking off a deep dive into the newest book from WotC, which I received as a review copy in the recent gift set. In this case, I’m well aware that more readers than ...