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UA 2023 – Player’s Handbook Playtest 7 Breakdown, Part Four

Let’s make a deal and have that talk about UA’s latest revision of Warlocks. Today, I’ll be bringing ...

Arcadia Issue 9 Breakdown

All art belongs to MCDM The spooky month arrived, and surprisingly, no spooky Arcadia articles came to accompany ...
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The Fey Highlord Patron

I've written a whole lot about the fey and Archfey here in Tribality, and I'd like to package ...
D&D 5eTribal Knowledge

Archfey Patrons, Part Two

Last time in my series on the fey, I proposed unique features for other Archfey patrons. I’m describing ...
D&D 5eFeywild/ShadowfellPlayer ResourcesTribal Knowledge

Archfey Patrons

I’ve covered a lot of elements of the fey in the course of this series. Today I want ...