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Your Dungeon Needs Chaos Gates

Supergiant released a little vidja game called Hades, and folks, it is simply incredible. Yes okay it came out in December of 2018 – I didn’t play it until this year when it came to the Nintendo Switch. (This post ...
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Leomund’s Tiny Problem

Today I want to talk about Leomund’s tiny hut, which for brevity I’ll be calling LTH for the rest of this post. 5e is the first edition in which this spell has shown up highly exploitable, so I’m going to ...
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Five Magic Items for the Circle of the Moon

Way back in that Twitter thread, I talked about the function of totems as 4e magic items. I suggested that they could be intended for druids, especially the Circle of the Moon, and might boost the stats of lower-CR Wild Shapes, ...
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Long-Term Pursuit

In a conversation with the inimitable Samhaine, we discussed having PCs lead the overland escape of a large group of NPCs – think of it as the Fellowship shepherding the people of Rohan from Meduseld to Helm’s Deep, the travelogue ...
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Alternate Barbarian Rages

Both Colin and my friend Stephen have done some great writing about barbarians, thanks to the experience of having two barbarians in the party at the same time. You should definitely read what they have to say, but the short ...
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How Do We Teach Game-Running?

A friend’s Facebook thread got me thinking about how the sweet science of game-running is taught and refined. Now, as you likely know, I’ve been writing for Tribality for more than four and a half years, and helping GMs hone their craft is ...
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Seven New Magic Items

I hope y’all like it when I post collections of largely unconnected magic items, because that’s what I’m doing today. These were originally posted in Harbinger of Doom, and appear here in an updated form.
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The Give Ground Reaction

Way back in February of 2013, during the heady days of D&D Next, I created the Give Ground rule, a reaction that is available to all creatures, and posted it in Harbinger of Doom. That was back before any of ...
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Five Kinds of Plot

Many years ago, I wrote an article for Harbinger of Doom on five kinds of plot found in tabletop, live-action, and video games. Because it was for my personal blog, it heavily emphasized LARPs that formed a (reasonably) common language ...
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5 Tips for Time Travel Stories

Quite a while back, a friend suggested that he’d like to see a post on how to run good time-travel stories in roleplaying games. I originally posted these in Harbinger of Doom – if not an exhaustive guide, then five ...