Brothers Majere: The Dragonlance Book with Lich Sex

When I wrote about Lord Toede ages ago, I shared what I considered one of the more obscure and outlandish books in the Dragonlance novel library. In talking with some friends, I realized that while it was certainly bizarre, I totally forgot about a book from the Dragonlance Preludes series, Brothers Majere by Kevin Stein.

Dragonlance is a weird setting. It has many things we have come to consider Dungeons and Dragons staples, but it maintains a decidedly low-level approach to most of its content and characterizations.There is a specific style to Dragonlance established in the primary novels and source material. These provide a sense of consistency and a thematic throughline for the setting. This is particularly important when the core team spins off the work into the hands of other authors and designers. Usually, such style guides are referred to as a setting bible.

The Hyper-weirdness of Dragonlance Villains: Lord Toede

This weekend we have a guest post by Colin McLaughlin looking at one of my favorite Dragonlance villains, Toede.

When I was a teenager, I had a job working at a now defunct retail entertainment store. Like any kid into fantasy and sci-fi, I spent most of the money I earned at the store itself, buying up movies, novels, and roleplaying game supplements. I had already read Dragonlance Chronicles and Dragonlance Legends many times over, but I was lucky enough to be working at the store when the annotated editions were released. I thought reading the thoughts of the authors and contributors was just about the coolest thing ever (it’s like a commentary track, but for a book!), and I couldn’t resist picking them up. As I was reading through the book, one of the annotations piqued my interest. It was an annotation by a man named Jeff Grubb, whom I shamefully knew nothing about. The annotation describes Jeff Grubb being asked to write a novel for the Dragonlance: Villains series, one featuring Fewmaster Toede. Now, as many fans may recall, Fewmaster Toede is killed by kender before the end of the series, as was captured in the short story Lord Toede’s Disastrous Hunt.