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Shadow of the Weird Wizard – Kickstarter

An exhilarating Kickstarter campaign demands your attention. Crafted by the immensely skilled and passionate game designer, Robert J. Schwalb, this endeavor introduces us to a true maestro of game development and writing. I think that the upcoming role-playing game, “Shadow of the Weird Wizard,” will definitely surpass your expectations. I cannot say enough good things about Robert. He is one of the best game designers that I know. So go delve into the Kickstarter campaign to uncover more about this exciting project.

Here are some insights/overview of the game, with links below:

Shadow of the Weird Wizard” presents a fantasy roleplaying experience where you and your companions take on character roles to venture into the borderlands. Here, your mission is to ensure the safety of refugees fleeing the calamity that has struck the old country. The borderlands are treacherous, plagued by roaming monsters unleashed by the Weird Wizard, malevolent faeries lurking in the shadows, awakened undead, and resurfacing ancient malevolence. The displaced populace requires safeguarding heroes if they are to reconstruct their lives anew.

In “Shadow of the Weird Wizard,” Robert Schwalb introduces a fantasy world undergoing a critical period in its history. Following the collapse of the old order into war and chaos, refugees flee the Old Country to the borderlands. This region lies between the former Great Kingdom and the previously ruled lands of the Weird Wizard. Players assume heroic roles, aiding refugees in rebuilding homes and defending against dangers. They can form alliances, seek help from city-states, explore ruins, and uncover the Weird Wizard’s fate.

The game utilizes a system familiar to players of Demon Lord and PunkApocalyptic, featuring a unified core mechanic employing d20s with boon and bane d6s to balance randomness. Character creation is swift, with complexity increasing as the game progresses, offering diverse character development through three paths. Campaigns consist of ten short quests, each taking a few hours to complete.

Schwalb’s intent in creating “Shadow of the Weird Wizard” mirrors his previous work, aiming to provide a straightforward and streamlined fantasy RPG experience. Drawing on his experience with D&D, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and other games, he caters to both novice and veteran players. The game’s play-testing and refinement ensure a versatile and engaging system where players can embody various characters, from clockwork mages to diabolical sorcerers and more, enabling a wide array of adventure possibilities.


Currently, the Shadow of the Weird Wizard Kickstarter is at 776% funded ($232,836) and several stretch goals have been unlocked;

Shadow of the Weird Wizard -- Kicktraq Mini