4 Lessons Learned by a Rookie DM Before My First Session

This column is for rookie DMs by a rookie DM. As I’ve been scouring the Internet for tips and tricks to help me prepare for my first session, I noticed that there is a lot of instruction available. Much of it is great information, and will likely be very helpful. But there’s a distinct lack of narrative-based advice.

A lot of experienced DMs forget what it’s like to be new to this whole gig. Sometimes very well meaning Dungeon Masters assume a certain level of knowledge or experience when talking about the craft. “The Misadventures of a Rookie DM” will be different. It will be different because it’s a first-hand account of my giving dungeon mastering a try for the first time. No prior experience. I’ll tell some stories, and let’s see what we can learn together. Hopefully, I’ll make some mistakes so that you won’t have to.