Dungeonesque Red Box RPG – D&D 5e Compatible – Indiegogo

Dungeonesque Red Box RPG is being crowd funded on Indiegogo. It is a D&D 5th edition Compatible RPG that is done in Red Box Style. After successfully funding Dungeonesque: World of Redmark (5e Adventures & Maps) on Kickstarter yesterday, Stan Shinn of Rogue Comet has quickly put out a proposed project that takes advantage of Wizard’s of the Coast Open Gaming License for D&D 5th edition. Rogue Comet is looking for support for their Dungeonesque Red Box RPG with a $1,500 funding goal.

The RPG sets out to simplify and streamline D&D 5th edition into a easier to manage booklet manuals for the Players and the DM at a page count of 40 each instead of 300. The project sounds like a wonderful reference tool at the table for players and dungeon masters to use during player, and has the support of Frank Mentzer – the author of the 1983 D&D Basic Red Box.