Session Info

Today’s was our first try at playing with the Adventure Time homebrew rules.


Princess Bubblegum is looking for new champions to save Ooo from a dire threat (where are Finn and Jake?) and has called on new heros.

Our brave group of level 1 heroes:

Most of the character drawings were drawn by Skuld (who plays Ignito). Awesome work.


  • Shiny – Warrior from the Crystal Dimension
  • Doc O’Mally – Doctor for hire from the Breakfast Kingdom
  • Ignito – Wizard from the Fire Kingdom
  • Bro Bear – Bear minstrel who does remember much other than his head still hurts.
  • Lux – Daughter of the Dean of Clouds, she is taking a semester abroad to adventure.
  • Raxi – Ghostly thief with a mysterious past (and she is dead)

Session Highlights

  • The group answered the call to come to the Candy Kingdom and help Princess Bubblegum… but they had a little trouble with bandits along the way.
  • When they arrived in the Candy Kingdom, Princess Bubblegum was gone and many citizens and most of the Banana Guard were frozen.
  • After some quick investigation (and thawing), the group found out princesses all across Ooo were disappearing. They decided to visit the Ice Kingdom to get to the bottom of things.
  • Our heroes came up with some crazy backstory details,  and rolled for fun stuff such as distracting feral cats from attacking with the smell of tuna, catnapping a cat and chasing someone through a solid wall.
  • What will our heroes waiting for them when they arrive in the Ice Kingdom?