Nentir Vale – Silver Six

The Silver Six are adventurers from Fallcrest who have the small task of saving the Nentir Vale from destruction by an ancient menace.

D&D 4eNentir ValeNentir Vale - Silver Six

Dragon’s Day in Hammerfast

I like when worlds have days of the week, holidays and other information to make the place seem old and real. For the ending of my campaign in the Nentir Vale I needed to have my heroes do more than ...
D&D 4eNentir ValeNentir Vale - Silver Six

Final Session – Farewell to the Vale

Thanks to Joseph for writing most of this final farewell to our 4th edition campaign in the Nentir Vale. A great recap of the finale I was DM for. Trade Ward, Hammerfast The sounds of battle were almost deafening, as ...
D&D 4eNentir ValeNentir Vale - Silver SixReviews

Goodbye to 4e & The Nentir Vale

I am officially done with Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition as both a player and a Dungeon Master. I’m happy and a little sad about boxing up my 4e collection to make room for my growing collection of 5e books. ...
D&D 4eNentir ValeNentir Vale - Silver Six

Adventures in the Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale is the default “Points of Light” setting for Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. This setting is composed of isolated pockets of civilization surrounded by dark areas of untamed wild. The small communities and even largest cities’ inhabitants ...
D&D 4eNentir ValeNentir Vale - Silver Six

Ballad of the Silver Six

Here is a fun little ballad I wrote with one of my players for the adventurers to start to hear about themselves after winning a huge battle and gaining fame early on (level 4 and 5). We’re not poets, but ...