I tweaked the Aquatic Elf subrace for D&D 5th edition based on some old builds I found for previous rules such as Pathfinder. I needed a 5e Sea Elf for my swashbuckling campaign (Seas of Vodari) I am developing for D&D 5th edition.


HOMELAND: Quessari

Playing an Aquatic Elf in Vodari

  • Sea elves live in underwater communities usually close to large reefs.Aquatic_Elven_Archer
  • Sea elves (or Quessari) have greenish-blue skin with some markings. Stronger than other elves, they are robust and tall with long limbs, and long, thickly webbed digits.
  • Their hair is usually thick and somewhat stringy, and can be blue, black silver or even occasionally red. The most unusual feature is the gills visible in their necks and over their ribs.
  • Sea elves are either lightly clad or wear no clothes at all. Their clothes are formed from underwater plants, in blacks, browns and greens. Warriors clip their hair, but other sea elves wear it long and flowing.
  • Quessari are isolationist by the fact that most of them live their whole lives – though they are not quite as reclusive as the wood elves. They will trade giant pearls and other undersea treasures with small communities for magic items.
  • They can survive out of water for days, but will start to “dry-out” without access to sea water or magic.
  • The Quessari are at constant war with the fish-like Sahuagin.


  • Ability Score Increase. Your strength score increases by 1.
  • Gills. You can breathe underwater
  • Increased Low-Light Vision. You replace darkvision with the ability to see four times as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.
  • Webbed Fingers. You are able to swim 40 feet and you have proficiency on all swim checks.
  • Aquatic Elven Weapon Training. You have proficiency with spear, javelin, trident, and net.