In March 2014 I was lucky enough to unite a group of strangers on Roll20 to play a fantastic homebrew mod of D&D 4e based on the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. The homebrew was created by Bloodghost. You can learn more about it at Bloodghost’s site:


Adaptation of the Dungeon and Dragons 4th Edition, set in the awesome Adventure Time universe. Roles include Doctor, Scientist, Minstrel, Warrior, Thief and Wizard and 16 races include Candy, Bear, Ice, Cloud, Hot Dog, Flame, Lumpy Space, Breakfast, Crystal and more.


In the questionably distant future there exists the Land of Ooo, and it is a place of wonder and mystery populated by goblins, wizards, ogres, candy people, and countless other weird and amazing creatures. It is a world renewed after an unknown cataclysm, a world of magic and heraldry built upon the mysterious ruins of our present. This is the land in which Adventure Time takes place.

Watching Adventure Time isn’t required to play this game, although it will explain some of the lore and will allow player and dungeon master alike to interweave fun and exciting tidbits from the show into their games.


  • 4e core books + the AT guide are the rules for this game. magic seems to focus a bit more on cantrips and the character stuff is unique, but really just DnD 4e. Levels 1-5, so pretty basic, focus on fun.
  • My group focuses on fun little episodic adventures, but you never know when something dark could come along (just like the show) requiring an epic quest to save Ooo.
  • Here is the homebrew handbook for Adventure Time:
  • Here is the character generator:
  • NOTE FROM CREATOR – “Though I’m not releasing a new version just for this, people reading this original post should note that hit points should be initially calculated using your constitution SCORE, not your constitution MODIFIER. This has been rectified in the character generator.”

Adventure Time is copyright Cartoon Network, a Time Warner company.
Dungeons & Dragons is copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC.