Here is a rough draft of the premise for this D&D 5th edition campaign setting…

In an adventure set in in Vodari you might encounter:

  • Swashbuckling pirates swinging on ropes to board a ship
  • Dashing rogues leaping from balconies to horses waiting below
  • Ghouls lurking in abandoned ships waiting to devour treasure hunters
  • Elves defending their tree-lined shores from raiding barbarians
  • Bold adventurers traveling to a lost jungle temple in a gnomish airship
  • Shipwrecked sailors escaping from primitive cannibals
  • Charming bards weaving their way through palace politics and intrigue


Vodari is a world where chains of islands ring a large, never ending storm. Long ago, Vodari was an entire continent that was nearly annihilated in a war of the gods. The Godwar created such destruction that all but the outer edge of the continent sank to the bottom of the sea. The devastation left only a scattered few to fight to survive in a changed world.


The story of the Godwar is more legend than fact, but most people have come to accept some variation of this version shared by humans and halflings….

Long ago Taeva and Vesi, two sister gods, fought a great war for the heavens when the Great Father died. After millennia of fighting, the war spilled over into Vodari. In order to save the mortals, their brother Tero stood between their two armies, begging for an end to the conflict before it destroyed Vodari. Listening to her brother, Taeva had her army stand down. Unable to contain her rage, Vesi created a massive storm that blasted her siblings without mercy and buried most of Vodari under the seas. Defeated and injured, Taeva retreated to the sky. Realizing the extent of the destruction she caused, Vesi withdrew into the vast storm she created to brood for eternity. Barely alive, Tero called upon the last of his strength to create the islands and watch over the survivors.


Today, on the seas of Vodari, players will travel to pastoral villages, luxurious palaces, treetop villages, mountain fortresses, wizard towers, dangerous ports, undersea cities and more. While most nations in the southern islands live in relative calm and peace, Vodari is a dangerous place with many perils. In the southern islands, pirates and sea monsters attack sailing ships, many ports are crime filled hives and The storm, Vesi’s Rage, can rage quickly and without warning. To the north are wild, uncivilized islands with barbarians, orcs, monsters and dragons. To the east the dwarves fight a continuous war deep under the mountains. To the far south are unexplored islands with thick jungles and vast sand deserts. Under the sea a great war rages between the sea elves and saguagin.