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Five D&D Creatures That Punch Above Their Challenge Rating

A huge part of being a Dungeon Master is choosing monsters for the players to face. Although combat ...
D&D 5eGM Resources

Five Tips for Engaging Players

The schedules have finally aligned! You and your friends are gathered for a tabletop game night.  You’ve jotted ...
D&D 5eGM Resources

Five Tips for Creating D&D Monsters

One of the most iconic things about Dungeons & Dragons is the monsters. Even if your group prefers ...
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Sacrificial Power and the Oath of Binding

Work on the world of the Zodiac and Far Realm continues with a bit of lore and a ...
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Living Stars, Blazozoids, and Zodiac Patron warlocks

We delve into some Spelljammer and 4th Edition lore before jumping into our next Zodiac archetype the Zodiac ...
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Scales Galore – Lizardfolk

You know Lizardfolk right? Those pesky humanoids who hide in the swamps and ambush your heroic group as ...
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Alternative Lore for 5e Ghouls

The history of ghouls in D&D is an interesting one. Since roughly the beginning of time – as ...
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Level-Banding in D&D 5e

A look at mixed-level parties and the importance of breakpoints in D&D 5e.
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Monsters & Hazards for a D&D 5e Arctic Adventure

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave or Underground | Desert | Forest | Grassland | Jungle | Mountain | ...
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Roll20 to offer the Official D&D 5e Monster Manual

I’ve gotten a little sneak peek at the upcoming Roll20 version of the D&D 5E Monster Manual, and ...