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Trapdoor Technologies: Moving forward with iOS Platform Development

After coming up very short of their funding goal of $425k, Trapdoor Technologies has announced they are moving forward with their iOS development for Pathfinder, and calling it Morningstar 1.0

I wish them the best of luck.  The following is an excerpt from their press release:

“The Trapdoor Team thanks you for your incredible support during our Kickstarter campaign. Although we did not meet our funding goal, we are still committed to our original mission – to build the first fully-integrated tabletop RPG app. This includes not only game play elements – a character builder, an adventure tracker and a rules engine – but also robust authoring and publishing features based on our core company technology. In the end, we believe the fun of roleplaying is storytelling and RPG tools should enhance that experience.

We are extremely passionate and we are not going to give up. The adventure will continue albeit at a different pace. Our current plan is to release Morningstar 1.0 focused on the characters, adventures, campaigns, parties and library modules already developed. The initial release will support iOS – with Android and web versions to follow. Pathfinder PRD is the current rule set of choice, although we are exploring other options. While we can’t commit to an exact release date, our goal is to release Morningstar 1.0 quickly. Additional development, including the Forge, will be funded organically and prioritized, as always, by community feedback – a slower process than Kickstarter but still achievable.

Again, thank you for the continued support. We are excited about the future and hope you are too.

Chris Matney

twitter: @trapdoortech/@CN_Morningstar 

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/trapdoortech

email: support@trapdoortechnologies.com”

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