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Trapdoor Technologies’ Codename: Morningstar Misses Funding Goal

Back in December, Trapdoor Technologies announced via Twitter and a YouTube video post at Tabletop Terrors that their Kickstarter campaign would be launching. In a previous story we looked at the falling out between Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor Technologies to develop Dungeonscape for D&D’s 5th edition rules (Codename: Morningstar).

After a bumpy road, it looks like the ride may finally be over for Codename: Morningstar, as they did not reach their $425,000 goal to modify their technology to support Pathfinder (via PRD). They were able to raise nearly $75K with over 1,200 backers, so this shows some decent interest. If you look at other Kickstarters for games related projects, $75K would more than fund most of them. It is hard to speculate if the high funding amount, the negative feedback on their beta, being dropped by Wizards of the Coast or all were the cause, but the end result is the same.

Trapdoor has hinted that they will “see what the new year brings!“, so we might be getting an announcement as early as this week.

I’m a big fan of Roll20 and use it as my D&D 5e campaign tool, but there are other options out there such as Lone Wolf’s Herolab (assuming OGL allows it) and Lion’s Den’s d20 Fight Club (already out and really good).