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D&D Adventurers League – Magic Item Certificates

Magic items are rare in D&D Adventurers League, and sometimes a Player can receive a certificates for the magic item that has be found in the game.

The magic items that a player receives during an Adventurers League game also has the possibility to be traded to other players.  The guidelines state that it is a 1 for 1 trade of the same rarity, and the item must be “tradeable.”  A certificate that can be traded will have a different backing with a Trade Log, so that names and signatures of new owners can be filled.


This creates a very static system with magic items only given out to one player per game, and as a character increases in levels he may have an item that other players don’t want, or can’t be traded.

But at Winter Fantasy Convention in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there will be a booth at the convention that allows magic items to be returned and traded with the Wizards of the Coast staff. This is a debut event, but is planned to be repeated at other conventions.  See the flyer below:

winter fantasy