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NeverEnding: Level Up Your Story

In a time when many of us are playing tabletop games online or not at all, it’s great to see new tools getting developed to elevate the online play experience. That’s where NeverEnding comes in – look for its Kickstarter, now live!

From the press release:

“NeverEnding is a subscription-based software platform that enables anyone to create still images like comic strips or animated videos of their stories. It’s being marketed initially to players of tabletop roleplaying games, but is available to any amateur storyteller.

“NeverEnding is a game changer for podcasts and live-play video streams, as it creates a whole new way to bring stories to life. Podcasters and others can either import audio from their session or record it right in the application itself. While recording audio on the platform, users will be able to tag important moments during their recordings, like a dramatic conflict or humorous moment. Once audio is uploaded, it’s time to build the scene, using a full library of pre-built backgrounds, objects, equipables, and customizable characters. The NeverEnding development team is focusing on creating easy to use drag and drop functionality that will make the app ideal for people of any age.”

In this video, CEO Jamie Van Doren offers his personal story behind this project.

For more information, go to http://www.beneverending.com and follow @BeNeverEnding on Twitter!