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D&D Adventurers League Elemental Evil Schedule Announced – Available March 2015

Starting March 2015, The D&D Adventurer’s League Organized Play program will be releasing a number of in-store exclusive adventures that tie into the Elemental Evil storyline, including 16 brand new adventurers. As with Tyranny of Dragons, these adventures will be exclusive to the D&D Adventurer’s League program in game stores, and earlier at conventions. Organized Play is broken down into Encounters (main storyline Princes of the Apocalypse 30+ hours), Expeditions (shorter adventures 1 to 4 hours) and Epics (Convention Exclusives).

D&D Encounters

In-store play of main storyline.

D&D Encounters DDEN2 – Princes of the Apocalypse

  • 30+ hours (1-2 hour play sessions)
  • Designer: Scott Gray
  • Characters of Level 1-4
  • Complimentary portion of the adventure offered to Wizards Play Network stores for D&D Encounters.

D&D Expeditions

Here’s the D&D Expeditions schedule with details that have been released to date.

March 2015

Available for download March 22, 2015 and available for play April 1, 2015.

  • DDEX2-1 City of Danger

    On the southern shores of the Moonsea, the residents of Mulmaster have eked out a living where others would likely have given up long ago—in a bleak city where corruption is rampant and the Church of Bane holds sway. In these 5 short, introductory adventures, you will travel the breadth of the City of Danger, meet its people, see its sights, and witness firsthand how the city truly has earned its ominous moniker.

    • Designer: Shawn Merwin
    • Characters of Level 1-2, optimized for 1st
    • Playtime: 1 hour (adventure includes five, 1 hour adventures)
    • Premier: ConnCon on March 13-15, 2015
  • DDEX2-2 Embers of Elmwood

    A derelict raft drifts into Mulmaster’s harbor carrying a young woman. Delirious with hunger, the only words she seems able to speak so far have been “ash and fire.” The only other clue to her identity is an ornate tattoo. Is the woman insane, or is something nefarious at play?

  • DDEX2-3 The Drowned Tower

    You are approached by someone claiming to be a member of the Brotherhood of the Cloak investigating unusual incidents involving some of his brethren. Discretion is vital, as there is rumored to be a link between the denizens of the Tower of Arcane Might and one of the elemental cults. Can you uncover the truth?

  • DDEX2-4 Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines

    Riddled with veins of precious ore and gem, the Earthspur Mountains to the west have long been a valuable resource for anyone able to mine them. One such mine has gone silent and the only thing more concerning than its long overdue shipment is the fate of the members of the Soldiery sent to discover what has happened to the mine’s workers. Though the mine lay in a region of the Mountains once claimed by a clan of reclusive dwarves, the Ludwakazar clan wouldn’t be so bold as to violate their long-standing peace with Mulmaster. Or would they?

  • DDEX2-5 Flames of Kythorn

    During a summer drought, Mulmaster is threatened by a series of arson attacks. As the populace riots, accusations fly blaming Thayans, residents of the ghettos, rowdy sailors, the refugees from Phlan and dozens of others. Can you solve the mystery before the city burns?

April 2015

Available for download April 22, 2015 and available for play May 1, 2015.

  • DDEX2-6 Breath of the Yellow Rose

    The monks of the Monastery of the Yellow Rose have long cloistered themselves in their home atop the Earthspur Mountains, practicing their strange lifestyle which is rumored to give them longevity. Now, their dietary restrictions and practices of breath control have become the fashion amongst the well-to-do of Mulmaster. But when a few of these lay practitioners start dropping dead from suffocation and starvation, others start to question the validity of the monks’ claims. Is this simply a deadly ignorance, or is there a fell wind blowing through the rich and powerful of Mulmaster?

  • DDEX2-7 Bounty in the Bog

    The Soldiery has grown weary of dealing with a particularly nettlesome band of miscreants who have holed up in the Flooded Forest to the south. And so, you have been called upon to quell their activities so that trade along the North Road can resume unmolested. However, in so doing, the truth behind their activities reveal that much more than simple banditry is at hand. Will you be able to stop it?

May 2015

Available for download May 22, 2015 and available for play June 1, 2015.

  • DDEX2-8 Foulness Beneath Mulmaster

    The sewers beneath Mulmaster have always been dangerous, with countless stories of brigands, murderers, and worse that lurk beneath the streets of the City of Danger. But those stories pale in comparison to a new threat under Mulmaster, one brought to light by a strange and disturbing corpse recently found. It is up to you to learn the terrifying truth of what lurks below.

  • DDEX2-9 Eye of the Tempest

    A storm of unparalleled fury has been ravaging the peaks of the Earthspur Mountains for a tenday, and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose sits in its eye for now. Some monks have fled the monastery to the safety of Mulmaster and beseech you to convince their more obstinate brothers to retreat to the city before the eye of the storm shifts, and the monestary is in terrible danger. Can you brave the elements and convince the monks to escape?

  • DDEX2-10 Title TBD

June 2014

Available for download June 22, 2015 and available for play July 1, 2015.

July 2014

Available for download July 22, 2015 and available for play August 1, 2015.

D&D Epics

Exclusive to Origins convention.

  • D&D Epic: DDEP2 TBD